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Welcome to the European Institute of Human Sciences

We are one of Europe’s most unique Islamic educational centres. The Institute and its centers were founded in order to teach Arabic language and Islamic Studies up to degree level standard. Upon graduation, not only will our students have a solid understanding of Islam and Quran but be fluent in reading, writing and conversing in Arabic and Quranic Arabic. The recluse campus and on-site accommodation nurtures a vibrant Islamic community and sunnan lifestyle detached from worldly distractions. Our students are from a wide range of diverse backgrounds, colourful languages, European countries and distant continents. You will have an opportunity to learn and live amongst bright, friendly faces who are all ready to welcome you here. We are a private charitable organisation (UK Charity Commission registration number: 1092228) and fully accredited by the British Accreditation Council for independent further and higher education. EIHS was established in March 1998 and officially opened in November 1999. This institute has two centers; the first center was opened in 2007 in Birmingham city and the second one was opened in 2009 in the capital, London.

Why Study?

If you are reading this, then you have already realised the importance of a good education. Learning offers the chance to acquire new skills and to take a new course in life. By studying you can come to a better understanding of the world and your relationship to it. Moreover, education offers you the chance to live the life you really want to live.

Why Study Islam?

Islam, the religion of some one billion people throughout the world, is based squarely upon study, reflection and the pursuit of knowledge. Islam defines education in a truly comprehensive manner. True learning is more than the mere retention of information; true knowledge is inward understanding and insight, matched by outward behaviour. Hence, in the Quran, Allah has promised that He will: “exalt those of you who believe, and those who are given knowledge, in high degrees” [Holy Quran 58:11]

Why Study Here?

The European Institute of Human Sciences is a unique centre of learning, for several reasons. We offer our students the opportunity to study in a peaceful and supportive Islamic environment, conducive to study and quiet contemplation. Our academic programmes help students to develop their mental abilities, whilst our religious programme helps students develop their spiritual relationship with the Almighty Creator. We offer fully segregated accommodation for men and women (in the branch of Wales), whilst our friendly and dedicated staff is deeply committed to creating an atmosphere wherein students can develop their true potential. Finally, and most significantly, we believe that we are the only UK-based College to use Arabic, the language of the Qur’an, as the primary medium of instruction. All study courses are certified by study courses committee of our institute, most of which are certified by many Islamic universities particularly in the Arab World and generally in the Islamic World. Such courses have intermediateness and depth and offer recent Fiqh for Islamic minorities according to Sunnism method. Such institute of Birmingham contracts with qualified instructors having wide expertise in teaching and orientation. If you would like to join or know more information about our institute system (admission conditions, required documents, study system and tuitions, courses or qualified instructors), then follow the links specified for this purpose in this website. “Whoever so travels a way to seek knowledge, Allah (swt) shall make their way to Jannah easy!” EIHS and its other centers are an established and certified Muslim educational institution in the UK, with accommodation set in the beautiful Welsh countryside and other cities (London and Birmingham) away from worldly distractions. We have a proven track record in providing Islamic studies in sharia, imamate and lsanguage courses to university degree standards since 1999 all in the medium of Arabic. The various courses cater for both beginners and experts. Our aim is to cultivate a truly Islamic atmosphere and an authentic way of life for all brothers and sisters who study here.
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